Research of High Temperature CO


 Sorption from Flue Gas 

Using Carbonate Loop (HITECARLO)

The project was focused on CO


 removal from flue gas using calcium based 

sorbents at high temperatures. It seems to be an advanced flue gas 
decarbonization technology, which is currently being developed at several 
top-class research institutes around the world. The project research team was 
composed of staff of the Faculty of Environmental Protection Technology of 
the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Faculty of Mechanical 
Engineering at CTU in Prague and ÚJV Řež, a.s.

Three unique experimental apparatus for monitoring the process of high-
temperature sorption of CO


 into calcium sorbents were constructed, which have 

been used for tests of calcium sorbents from different sites in the Czech Republic. 
Adsorption capacity of each sorbent for CO


 and their decrease in repeated 

cycles due to the deactivation of the sorbent were estimated. Another laboratory 
apparatus was built to monitor the process of material-corrosion in the process 
of high-temperature carbonate loop, on that were tested selected construction 
materials in different environments. The behavior of materials in different
types of environments was evaluated by using of appropriate analytical methods.

The velocity constants for the reaction of CO


 with sorbent and degradation  

rate constant resulting from the calcination of limestone in the process have  
been determined from the experimental data. The parameters were used  
in a mathematical model of the process of high-temperature carbonate loop  
250 kWth output that was built at CTU in Prague. ÚJV Řež, a.s. developed  
a simpler mathematical model of high-temperature carbonate loop, which 
was subsequently used to design a small pilot device using high-temperature 
carbonate loop technology with an output of 40 kWth. Project documentation  
for the manufacture of this device has been prepared.

Project Promoter
University of Chemistry 
and Technology in Prague
(Czech Republic)

CZK 20,219,265

ÚJV Řež, a. s.  
(Czech Republic)

Czech Technical  
University in Prague  
(Czech Republic)

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