“REPP-CO2 was an excellent project which allowed us to apply our expertise 
to the exciting and challenging LBr-1 field in the Czech Republic. It also allowed 
us to learn from our Czech counterparts and created fantastic possibilities for 
collaboration and knowledge exchange. We have organized several joint events, 
published a number of joint scientific papers and are continuing to work on LBr-1 
together with CGS in the H2020 ENOS (ENabling On-shore CO


 Storage in Europe) 

project. We are looking forward to an opportunity to continue our collaboration 
in the next round of Norway Grants!“

Roman Berenblyum, Research Director – Improved Oil Recovery, IRIS

“The possibility to cooperate in the REPP-CO2 project was invaluable for our 
institution. Thanks to the project, we were able to conduct a range of interesting 
laboratory tests which would be very difficult for us to carry out under other 
circumstances. The results we achieved, e.g. in the research of oil displacement 
using CO


, received a positive response from the Norwegian partner IRIS. New 

partnerships were established as part of all the research activities we carried 
out and, where appropriate, the possibilities of cooperation across the involved 
scientific and research institutions were expanded.”

Martin Klempa, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

“The project was highly beneficial for Miligal, s.r.o. as a small enterprise.  
It allowed us to get acquainted, in more detail, with the aspects of CO



and storage on a global scale, to study, in a greater depth, the lessons learnt and 
experience gained abroad, and cooperate with reputable institutions on research 
and evaluation of the pilot site in the Czech Republic. The financial contribution 
provided for the acquisition of a new advanced digital gravimeter and the 
possibility of its practical employment in field measurements carried out as part 
of the REPP-CO2 project were also of essential importance for our company.”

Jiří Sedlák, manager Miligal, s. r. o.