Preparation of a Research Pilot Project on CO



Storage in the Czech Republic (REPP-CO2)

The main aim of the project was to shift the Technology Readiness Level of 
geological storage of carbon dioxide, the end component of the CCS technological 
chain, in the Czech conditions towards its verification in the form of a pilot  
project carried out at a selected geological structure. This geological structure  
– the LBr-1 depleted hydrocarbon field – was positively assessed in detail  
as a potential CO


 storage site. The available data were used to build a three-

dimensional geological model of the storage complex, which was subsequently 
used for dynamic modelling of the storage reservoir and simulation of CO



injection into the storage site using various scenarios. The risks associated with 


 storage in the selected structure were assessed in detail and a monitoring 

plan for the storage site was prepared. Also, various scenarios were developed  
for the follow-up activities aiming at implementation of the pilot CO



project in the explored locality, including its economic evaluation.

Another important objective of the project was to raise awareness and level of 
knowledge of the CCS technology and geological storage of CO


 among both  

the expert community and the general public. A number of targeted activities 
focused on publicity, dissemination of information about the project and its  
results, as well as awareness-raising events were carried out in order to achieve 
this objective.

As part of the project, the Czech-Norwegian cooperation in the research on CO



geological storage was reinforced, including transfer of knowledge and experience 
from the Norwegian partner to the Czech institutions and the related expert 
capacity building of the Czech partners.

Project website:


Project Promoter
Czech Geological Survey
(Czech Republic)

CZK 61,321,782

International Research 
Institute of Stavanger – 
IRIS (Norway)

VŠB – Technical University 
of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

ÚJV Řež, a.s.,
Husinec – Řež 
(Czech Republic)

Miligal, s.r.o., Brno 
(Czech Republic)

Masaryk University – 
Institute of Physics 
of the Earth, Brno  
(Czech Republic)

Research Centre 
Řež, Husinec – Řež  
(Czech Republic)