”The Pilot CCS has been a great opportunity to combine Norwegian expertise 
on CCS and Czech expertise on power generation to study opportunities for 
deployment of CCS in the Vřesová power plant. This rare opportunity allowed  
the evaluation of the implementation of cost-efficient CCS technologies  
on one of the very few IGCC power plants in Europe based on actual 
characteristics of the plant. Finally, this project allowed us to create a long  
lasting cooperation between major actors in power generation with CCS in 
Norway and the Czech Republic.“

Simon Roussanaly, SINTEF ER

”For us, our participation in the project opened the possibility of further
developing our knowledge base about the applications of CCS technologies
in the energy sector and discovering new solutions that have not yet been
thoroughly explored. I see a great value in establishing close cooperation with
the Norwegian project partner whose experience and high expert level of
knowledge, particularly in the field of process modelling, were a very suitable
complement to the team of Czech scientists. A number of joint results
and the established professional and personal relationships are a promise of
continuation and expansion of our cooperation.“

Mr. Tomáš Dlouhý, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
at the Czech Technical University in Prague

”For the project team of ÚJV Řež, a. s., the project was of great benefit thanks  
to its focus on the CO


 issue, which allowed us to build on the knowledge

obtained during other completed projects that dealt with other CO



methods. The possibility to establish contacts with the Norwegian partner
was also an important asset for the project team of ÚJV Řež, a. s. Thanks
to our participation in the projects and the results obtained, we acquired
comprehensive knowledge about the technologies that can be potentially
used to capture CO


 from power generation plants.“

Mr. Lukáš Pilař, ÚJV Řež, a. s.