Study of CCS Pilot Technologies for Coal Fired 

Power Plants in the Czech Republic

Project Promoter
Czech Technical University 
in Prague (Czech Republic)

CZK 22,165,413


ÚJV Řež, a. s. 
(Czech Republic)

The project aimed at conducting a comprehensive technical and economic  
study assessing the impact of integrating the selected CO


 separation technologies

(so-called CCS) in a coal fired integrated gasification combined cycle power 
plant (IGCC) in the conditions of the Czech Republic. Attention was paid, in 
particular, to the pre-combustion technology which is one of the three generally 
considered CCS technologies.

Vřesová power plant is within Europe a unique type of energy source that 
provided very valuable practical information about its design and operation that 
were used in modeling of power generation unit using the CCS technology. As far 
as its design is concerned, the unit was projected with alternative use of three 
methods for CO


 separation from the process gas (based on Rectisol technology, 

membrane separation and cryogenic technology). The economic evaluation of  
the proposed technological options was carried out in such a manner so as to 
allow a comprehensive comparison with other modeled options for the integration 
of CCS technologies based on post-combustion technology (evaluated in previous 
research, ammonia wash unit, carbonate loop-based technology – so-called
Ca-Looping) and oxy-fuel.

The solution included also an assessment of various options for transport of  
the captured CO


 to the selected locations of underground storage sites.  

As a unique part, this study included a proposal and a technical and economic 
evaluation of the possibility of transporting the separated CO


 in liquid phase using 

an existing railway network.

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