Scientific Workshops “Different Approaches In Neurorehabilitation”

Dept 58 - International Relations Department
Dept 58 - International Relations Department


Title of the ProgrammeCZ07 - Scholarship Programme
Title of the ProjectScientific Workshops “Different Approaches In Neurorehabilitation”
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Number of the ProjectNF-CZ07-ICP-4-317-2016
Project Promoter

Third Faculty of Medicine Charles University

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Univerzita v Oslu, Rehabilitační nemocnice Sunnaas

Objective of the Project

Two scientific workshops on the topic of neurorehabilitation were organized in the project (the first one was guaranteed by the Third Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; the second one was guaranteed by the University of Oslo, Norway). The workshops had the following aims 1. To improve the education of experts. 2. To establish new research contacts between scientists from both countries in order to prepare future scientific research collaboration.
3. To bring together various specialists from multi-disciplinary approaches for an open academic discussion on new therapeutic possibilities in the comprehensive treatment of neurological diseases. 4. To support the involvement of young researchers and Ph.D. students. 5. To prepare study materials for participants of the workshop and for the professional public.

Approved grant

1 232 364,6 CZK / 46 504 €

Project DurationStart date: 01.01.2016. End date: 30.09.2016